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About Sonya

Sonya is currently an Assistant Professor of Management at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. Prior to Tuck, Sonya earned her doctorate at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.


Upon obtaining her Bachelors Degree in Finance from Georgetown University, Sonya pursued her dream of shattering the glass ceiling on Wall Street. While working as an investment banker in Manhattan, she became intimately familiar with the pervasive ways in which gender-based discrimination began shaping her career. 

Following her uphill battle in banking, Sonya pivoted her career and worked as a dating coach for Three Day Rule, a subsidiary run entirely by women. Sonya used her interpersonal skills and natural intuition to help New York City's female executives navigate their busy dating lives. Through conversations with her clients, Sonya learned that they faced similar uphill battles throughout their corporate careers, where they were subject to gender-based implicit bias which limited their workplace opportunities. 


Cumulatively, these experiences motivated Sonya to pursue a doctorate degree in Management of Organizations, but not before Sonya could live out her dreams of traveling the world. Before beginning her doctoral studies, Sonya spent 8 months solo backpacking through 14 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. 


In addition to gender equality and international travel, Sonya's passions include scuba diving, motorcycling, backpacking, camping, and hip-hop dancing. 

Today, Sonya's research is informed by her diversity of experience, her global perspective, and passion for gender equality. She aspires to use her research to reshape organizational culture and promote gender equality in the workplace. 


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